Human resources


Our goal is to provide consulting expertise in helping to create the right talent and organizational structures and processes for our clients.

  • Consulting in matters of labor legislation.
  • Keeping record of operations regarding the presence of employees.
  • Consultancy and operations regarding the planning and recording of casual leave.
  • Consulting and operations regarding the conclusion / modification / suspension / termination of individual employment contracts..
  • Operations regarding standard and customized job descriptions.
  • Consulting and operations regarding the clauses of the individual employment contract, the secondment of employees in / from abroad and disciplinary investigations.
  • Consultancy and operations regarding disciplinary research.
  • Consulting and operations on employee evaluation.

Human resources

Documents and Policies

When you partner with GSM Solution, you have access to a team of experienced HR specialists who can help you develop the policies and procedures that make sense for your business. From performance management, to employee handbooks and more, we bring you the HR tools and support to help your employees, and your business, thrive.

  • Preparation / updating of personnel files.
  • Collective labor contract and its registration according to legal provisions.
  • Preparation of seniority certificates.
  • Preparation of reports at the client's request.
  • Archiving employee documents.
  • Support in case of controls performed by the competent state bodies.

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